North Myrtle Summer Mission


To give to a specific student or staff member on the NMB project, search for their name in the search box to the right. Only general project donations should be made to this account (2808183).

One thousand recent high school graduates from the eastern U.S. converge upon a North Myrtle Beach neighborhood each week in June to celebrate and party. Its BEACH WEEK!

Nearly 130 Upper Midwest Cru students and staff annually migrate to this same neighborhood at about the same time but for an entirely different purposeto grow in and spread the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Its the NORTH MYRTLE BEACH SUMMER PROJECT.

Its an amazing environmentnot the coastal surrounding, but rather the all the factors that converge to contribute to significant spiritual growth and impact. The project propels students into a deeper walk with God and gives them greater confidence in making Him known. Project participants develop leadership skills and begin friendships they will take with them throughout their lives.

Thank you for partnering with us to see this happen!

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