Stateside Missionary Staff Support


Many of Jesus Film Project stateside missionary staff members rely on friends, family and churches to financially sustain their ministries and living costs. Jesus Film Project Staff Development Fund provides for the supplemental needs of these staff members. During periods of low personal support, the Fund helps "fill the gap" for staff who might otherwise have to immediately step back from their direct ministry responsibilities and focus full-time on raising additional support.

With a gift to the Staff Development Fund, you can help shore up their support, and keep them ministering in the name of Christ. You can help staff members now, by clicking on the button in the box to the right. You can also help a specific missionary staff member now. Search by name (first or last) or ministry number in the box to the right. Or, click on a specific staff name or number below.

Thank you for making a difference in the life of a staff member or a staff family working to help take the gospel to "...every nation, tribe, people and language" (Revelation 7:9). May God honor and bless your investment in this work for His kingdom.

Allen, Philip and Hallie 0423452

Amon, Flip and Connie 0000790

Anderson, Doug and Denise 0104141

Augsburger, Bryan and Julie 0376337

Bademan, Rich and Joyce 0003007

Ball, Mike and Dana 0434801

Bandy, Shawn and Cynthia 0468643

Barnes, Damon and Valerie 0388841

Barnes, Dick and Marilyn 0003886

Barron, Debbie 0422343

Baumann, Steve and Jeanine 0527910

Beard, Jeff and Nancy 0005022

Berry, MaryBeth and Charlie 0110571

Bollinger, Joe and Keijo 0544030

Booth, Hannah 0627818

Boyter, Joel and Amy 0627210

Bradley, David and Karen 0484213

Briggs, Dave and Wendy 0426555

Brooks, Tez and Christine 0542759

Brubaker, Kathleen 0561810

Buck, Larry 0105802

Burchell, Brian and Kimberly 0403147

Cannavino, Thomas and Diane 0558140

Davis, Ev and Alise 0013600

Davis-Becker, Nils and Sandy 0005289

Dearing, Don 0014224

De Guia, Gabriel and Rachel 0449956

Deckert, Chris and Kristin 0442506

Dennen, Tom and Annie 0118867

Dutton, Trinity 0771619

Evans, Andreya 0618616

Fiess, Berry and Francil 0016862

Fleming, Jennifer 0501253

Green, Jim and Nan 0019043

Guina, Art and Arlene 0410526

Haber, Carolyn 0485920

Hadlock, Jim and Jill 0519170

Hagen, Kary and Maria 0403019

Haley, Joel and Marjorie 0258560

Handy, Gabriel and Emily 0590483

Hardway, Paul and Robin 0461403

Hartley, Bob and Betty 0020647

Hawblitzel, Nancy 0444585

Hendrick, Anne 0604456

Hornstein, Hank 0022502

Howard, Jim 0471454

Immel, John and Melissa 0583745

Jankowski, Brad and Lynn 0395309

Jones, Adam and Alyson 0429811

June, Ken and Shirley 0037792

Kiyabu, Charleen 0027606

Klaschus, Irv and Nan 0376650

Larson, Brent and Darcy 0433592

Lin, Kevin and Chrissy 0519237

Mason, George and Lucinda 0114250

Mayers, Mark and Leslie 0454896

McQuirk, Chris and LuAnne 0377827

Meiner, Tom and Julie 0461983

Milchling, Michael and Linda 0128943

Nichols, Philip and Ellen 0117427

Noland, Dan 0118380

Nordman, Vance and Carol 0036758

Peckham, Michael and Cindy 0480663

Pendleton, Scott and Cindy 0375744

Ray, Raymond and Betty 0440590

Reeves, David and Stephanie 0389950

Rickard, Doug and Jackie 0044040

Schmelzle, Brent and Christina 0497634

Searles, Janell 0047200

Sims, Bill and Wimberley 0048194

Sjostedt, Doug and Gordana 0253473

Tyrrell, Gregory and Jennifer 0112370

Wakeling, Will and Linda 0356320

Weiss, Doug and Karen 0437092

Wilkins, David and Karen 0246226

Witmer, Jim and Carol 0058772

Wolfe, Bill and Lana 0057777

For more information about this ministry, contact Jesus Film Project.

Mailing Address:

Jesus Film Project

PO Box 628222

Orlando, FL 32862-8222

The Ministry's Tax Identification Number is 95-6006173.

Phone toll-free 800-918-9929, or 407-826-2300, FAX 407-826-2375.


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