Curran, Hope


“For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” Hebrews 13:14

My name is Hope and my life is messy…. I want to learn the language of light. I want to know the beauty of brokenness and the brokenness of beauty. The DNA of heaven held in my heart, trying to find home here amongst the many. My name is hope and my life is messy. Hope is defined as the feeling of expectation and the dream for something to happen. My name has inspired a life long creative search for joy, beauty, adventure, color, community, and connection. To hope is to not yet have, yet hold close. These are my prayers and promises written in ink, portraits of light. Messy like me, full of mistakes and typos, caught in between heaven and home. I am passionate about people, place-making and creatively welcoming others into exploring faith, wonder and beauty. My time in Paris has been marked by the extremes of light and darkness. This city has broken my heart over and over and over again, in the best of ways. Less than 1% of French people identify as practicing evangelical Christ-followers. The gospel becomes accessible to students and artists through personal relationship and revealing God’s beauty and goodness. Artists throughout history are influencers of culture, what they create trickles down into society… there is a huge need for God’s truth and LIGHT in the arts. 

What’s the vision? : To show the beauty of the gospel of Jesus through artistic expression, creating community and collaboration for artists of different cultures and mediums. To inspire and engage others in their call to create. To encourage a spirit of confidence by investing in personal Artistic, Spiritual, Leadership Training, and Civic Compassion, allowing art to transform and impact society.  My faith compels me to shine light on darkness and guide my generation’s feet in the path of peace. Through photography, poetry and social engagement I aim to visually and poetically represent the intersection of art, faith and life.

 My two years as an intern an artist in resident with Cru has transitioned to “part time” work with Agape France as I pursue my Masters in Fine Arts at La Sorbonne and engage in the local arts community. My job is to invest in the lives of artists and students, pursue my Masters in Art and partner with Agape Art and Transform in authentically representing Christ in the art world.  Would you consider giving a special gift or joining my monthly ministry team to continue this creative and adventurous work of reaching artists for Christ? I am thrilled to have you on my team and can't wait to see what God has next on this grand adventure.

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