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Reaching students and the world for Christ.

Hello my name is Priscilla, I am on staff with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ).  I graduated from the University of California Fullerton with a degree in Fine Art/Graphic Design.  I grew up in a Christian home but realized in high school that I had more of a relationship with the church than with God.  My involvement with Cru and Destino as a college student allowed me to grow in my faith and equipped me to share the gospel with others.  With a heart and passion to reach students of world for Christ, I decided to become a missionary and join staff with Cru.  

Reaching the World through Contextualized Ministries for Christ

Cru’s objective is for every person in the world to have an opportunity to hear the Gospel.  This is why many contextualized and creative ministries have been initiated within our organization. Destino and Creative 1 Media are a few of many ministries which I get to partake in.  Through these two ministries I am able to share the message of Jesus in a language that today’s generation can relate to and understand.  Jesus did this very thing during His time on earth as He demonstrated His love to the people through parables.


Did you know students these days are spending 5hrs or more online?  What we create and post virtually speaks volumes to this new generation.  Every year we have seen more students’ friends and family come to know the Lord through our Digital Social Media Outreaches.  More people are entering into spiritual conversations through different media, photo cards, or videos created by our Cru media teams and websites.   I got the privilege to work the "I Am Cards" with an awesome team of staff around the nation.   


The college years are an incredibly strategic period of time to reach students for Christ.  According to USA Today, the Latino population will triple by 2050. Despite this, there are very few Christian groups specifically reaching out to influence Latino students.  This is one of the reasons I helped start Destino as a college student and as a missionary.

Most Latino college students are bicultural; knowing how to operate in the midst of cultural diversity.  Their physical appearance opens the door for them around the world; India, North Africa, Europe, and East Asia.  Values related to family, friendship, and hospitality are bridges to the unreached and the world.  Let's reach the world by reaching Latino students for Christ!  This is why I have committed to help Cru through Destino and Creative 1 Media,  to share the good news of Jesus Christ through our contextualized ministries and that the U.S. and the world can be reached.    

You can help in making disciples of all nations!   Join my team by praying for me/students and giving on a monthly basis $200, $100, $50, $40,  or any amount that is significant to you... to help bring the Gospel to college students and the world. THANK YOU so much for your desire to invest in God's work.  

May the Lord bless you much more! 

Priscilla Alvarez

Video of Cru history and today.  


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