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April 2014

Harvester Packs of Seeds

Frontline Staff Support

"JESUS" - You Can Send Equipment to Teams!

Support "JESUS" Film Teams

URGENT: Help reach 120,000 college students!

March 2014

StoryRunners Easter Matching Gift

Harvester Packs of Seeds

Port Project

JOSH: China Seminary Student Libraries

Josh: Mongolia-Equipping Pastors and Leaders

Ukraine Emergency Fund

Military Marriage

Josh: Port Cities Project

"JESUS" Film Teams You Can Help Send!

How to reach 120,000 students this semester!

Ukraine Evangelistic Outreach

Reaching College Students

February 2014

Cru Around the World

Port Cities Project

Campus Evangelistic Forums

Communication Centers

Josh Resources for Ethiopia

"JESUS" - You Can Send Them DVDs and Players

Big Break - Panama City Beach and Los Angeles!

January 2014

International Bibles

International Bibles

"JESUS" - You Can Support Film Teams

Reaching Students in Closed Countries

December 2013

Year End Giving 2013 - Ultimate Impact Fund

Philippine Typhoon Aid

Transformation Matching Challenge

"JESUS" - You Can Send Film Teams

"JESUS" Giving Tuesday-Double Your Impact!

"JESUS" - There's Still Time to Reach Them in 2013

November 2013

Josh: More Than A Carpenter

Ultimate Impact Fund

Help Children at Christmas

Josh: More Than a Carpenter for truth seekers in the Middle East

Cru Military

Help Reach America

Equipping Service Men and Women

Transformation Challenge

"JESUS" Film Christmas Gift Catalog

"JESUS" - You Can Help Plant Churches

Philippine Typhoon Aid

October 2013

Christmas Gift Catalog

Christmas Gift Catalog

"JESUS" Translations

Josh: Books-China seminary students

Closed Country Evangelism and Bibles

Veterans Day 2013

Josh: The Little Missionary Heard Around the World

September 2013

Persecuted Staff

Bibles for Africa

Humanitarian Relief for Refugees

Bibles for Africa

"JESUS" Video Tools and DVDs

August 2013

Ultimate Impact Fund - Calendar

Frontline Staff Support

Josh: Middle East Books and Resources

Josh: Equipping Egyptian Pastors & Churches

Equipping Military Service Members

Staff Emergency Fund

"JESUS" Film Teams: An Urgent Request

Josh: Power to Forgive - Resources

Freshman Survival Kits

Freshman Survival Kits

July 2013

Clean Water Outreach

"JESUS" DVDs and Players

Cru Military - Christmas In July

Josh: Namestan Translations

June 2013

"JESUS" - Teams You Can Support

FamilyLife Legacy Partners

Evangelistic Speaker Forums

Humanitarian Relief for Refugees

Persecuted Staff

Josh: Asia Expedition

Freedom From Fear 2013 Newsletter

May 2013


Orphan Care Outreach

Send DVDs of "JESUS" Now

Bibles for the Middle East

Orphan Care Outreach

Josh: More Than A Carpenter For Port Cities

You Can Send Them "JESUS"

April 2013

Soularium Spiritual Conversation Tools

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