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April 2015

Jesus Project Team Equipment

Josh: Reach the world for Christ through More Than a Carpenter

March 2015

Seeds - Harvester Packs

Give Ukrainian Refugees Hope; Give Them "JESUS"

Evangelism Packs for the Middle East and North Africa

Frontline Staff Support

Josh: Send the truth into closed countries through port cities

"JESUS" - You Can Send Film Teams

How to reach 125,000 students this semester!

Cru on Campus Spring Surge

February 2015

Evangelism Packs for the Middle East and North Africa

Seeds - Harvester Packs

"JESUS" - You Can Send DVDs and Players

Josh: Equipping Future Pastors in China

Josh: Give More Than A Carpenter to seekers in closed countries

Taking Christ to College Students on Spring Break!

Josh: Send God's truth to seekers in closed countries

Josh: Christian books and resources for seminary students in China

Coptic Christians Love Gift

January 2015

Bibles for the Mideast

Persecuted Staff

Communication Centers

"JESUS" - Help Them Hear-Send Film Teams

December 2014

International Bibles

Josh: Pastor Resources Worldwide

"JESUS" - Support Film Teams and Send Equipment

Gospel Expansion - Matching Challenge

November 2014

Special Year End Gift

Persecuted Staff

Lifesaving Humanitarian Aid & the Gospel

Giving Tuesday 2014 - "JESUS" for the Konda Dora of India

Ebola Crisis Film Team Emergency Relief

Josh: Pastor Resources Worldwide

Meal Program

"JESUS" - Send and Equip Film Teams

Gospel Expansion - Taking Jesus to Students

October 2014

2014 Bump Soccer Tournament

Cru Christmas Gift Catalog

Josh: Pastor Resources Worldwide

GOSPEL EXPANSION:Winter Conferences

"JESUS" - In Their Own Heart Language

Box of Love

More Than a Carpenter

Josh: More Than A Carpenter for Pastors Around the World

Fall Retreats are where freshmen meet Jesus!

Spiritual Fitness Kits

College Outreach in (Can't Say Where)

September 2014

"JESUS" - New Language Versions

Meal Program

Josh: Equipping Pastors in Mexico

Josh: The Witness

Bibles for Africa

You Can Send "JESUS" Video Tools and DVDs

Freshmen First Matching Challenge: NOW $150,000!

August 2014

Knowing God Personally

JESUS Film Teams

Freshman Survival Kits

Iraq Humanitarian Relief

"JESUS" - Send the Message of Hope to the Middle East

"JESUS" Film Teams Are Waiting For Your Partnership

Josh: Russia Ministry Packs

New Testaments for Troops

Ultimate Impact Fund - Calendar

$100,000 Freshmen First Matching Challenge

July 2014

Clean Water Outreach

Send Summer Relief and Hope to Syrian Refugee Families

Josh: More Than A Carpenter Around the World

Please Send "JESUS" DVDs and Players

Freshman Survival Kits

Freshmen First Matching Challenge

June 2014

Josh: Middle East Books and Resources

Staff Emergency Fund

Clean Water Outreach changing lives worldwide

You can send "JESUS" film teams

Josh: Mexico Mission Project

May 2014

Frontline National Staff Support

You Can Send "JESUS" DVDs and Tools

Cru Military

Persecuted Staff

JOSH: Heroic Truth

Reach the Northeast...Rock the World

Bibles for Middle East

April 2014

Josh: Books-China Seminary Students

Communication Centers

Harvester Packs of Seeds

Josh: Undaunted in Arabic

Frontline Staff Support

"JESUS" - You Can Send Equipment to Teams!

Support "JESUS" Film Teams

URGENT: Help reach 120,000 college students!

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