Guy and Judy Gerrard


Guy and Judy Gerrard are 30 year staff members of Cru. Guy is the Photo Manager and one of three photographers for Cru's award-winning magazine, "Worldwide Challenge." "Worldwide Challenge" reaches more than 80,000 homes every other month. The publication's mission is to show how God is using the hearts and hands of Cru staff members around the world and to challenge its readers to join us in making Christ known. Guy travels often within the United States and around the world. His photographs have also been published in magazines by Focus on the Family, Charisma, Tabletalk and Christianity Today.

Guy is originally from California and Judy is from Pennsylvania. They have three children, Ben (21) who is a music education student at Florida State University, Megan (18) who is a student at Valencia College, and Nicole (16) a sophomore at Colonial High School.

Judy's responsibilities primarily revolve around the schooling and activities of their children. She organizes a weekly prayer group to pray for our public schools, she participates in outreach, she is discipling two local college women, and she mentors a young second grader on a weekly basis as part of a Kids Hope program.  Recently Judy was instrumental in beginning the student ministry "Cru Colonial" at our daughter's high school and she is the parent liaison for the club.

Guy enjoys woodworking, reading and volleyball. Judy enjoys watching her kids play sports, going to lunch with friends and cooking. Their family lives in Orlando, Florida and you can find Judy on Facebook under Judy Martin Gerrard.

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