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We have been serving with Cru for over 25 years now. For 19 years we served as campus ministers at San Jose State, University of Arizona and Fresno State as well as UC Davis. We started the Cru ministry at UC Davis and served as the directors there for 10 years. While we were there, we were blessed to establish several ministries that were reaching different cultural groups on campus.

A few years ago we moved to Southern California to serve as the National Directors of Ethnic Field Ministries where we helped give leadership to our national Cru ministry in the area of establishing contextualized movements on campus to reach Asian Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, African Americans and International Students. We helped give leadership to the campuses of the Pacific Southwest Region, which includes California, Arizona, Hawaii and Southern Nevada.

Recently, we've transitioned to Cru City, a new ministry of Cru that desires to take the gospel to the citizens of the cities.

Did you know that every day, thousands of people world-wide move to cities around the world? In fact, the number of people who move to cities every month is equivalent to the population of Atlanta. Understanding how to reach people in the cities and connect them to Jesus is becoming increasingly more complex.

Cru City desires to connect the people of the cities to Jesus. How do we go about doing that? Watch this short two minute video to get a picture of what Cru City is and how we're trying to connect people of the city to Jesus. 

Click here to see the Cru City Gates video. 

Millennials (people aged 18-30) have been described as the least reached segment of our culture. We work with Cru City - Millennials to establish a ministry that will reach Young Professionals and equip them to follow Jesus and live missionally at work, at home, with their families, friends and neighbors. We desire to see Young Professionals transformed so that in turn communiites and cities can be transformed for Jesus Christ.

Join us in helping to reach Young Professional Millennials here so that we can see our community, our city and ultimately the world reached for Christ!

For a more detailed explanation of our ministry and how the Lord has used us in the past, as well as our current role and vision, check out our Ministry Presentation.

For more information about us, our family and our ministry, check out our website: lowedown.com

Website: http://lowedown.com

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