Chris and LuAnne McQuirk


We have been on staff with CCC for over 30 years, serving with JESUS Film Project for the past 24 years.

As Senior Advancement Officers, we help cultivate generous hearts toward building God's Kingdom so that everyone, everywhere can learn about Jesus in their heart language. Jesus Film Project has embraced a goal to reach 5 billion unreached people by the end of 2025. Jesus Film tools are effective because they are oral, visual, and in the mother tongue of the viewer. They are used by hundreds of partner organizations and missionaries globally, from jungles to major cities, through mass media or the internet, from village to village in the remotest parts of earth--God is changing lives and bulding His church.

Imagine what it is like the first time people hear Jesus tell them He loves them in their own heart language! Amazing, supernatural, and eternal. We'd love to have you on our team!

Thank you for your gifts and prayers!

Chris and LuAnne
Serving with The JESUS Film Project
Reaching the Unreached In Their Heart Language
Helping Them Grow

P.S.  Each spring we lead mission trips to show our films in the villages of the Yucatan. Here is a short video of a past trip..

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