Pat and Karen Burroughs


Wow!  Has it really been 40 years of serving the Lord together?  From college campuses in Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota, followed by ten years in Colorado serving in the marketplace, local church, Young Life and foster parenting and on to16 amazing years in Eastern Europe!  Now from the vantage point of the World Headquarters of Cru, we continue to discover that there is more to learn, more to do!

We focus on Faith and Law Around the Globe (FLAG), a relatively new strategy designed to reach legal professionals, helping them grow in their faith and then be mobilized for ministry - all over the world! Legal professionals are stewards of justice and mercy. How they do what they do affects us all. It's nothing short of amazing to impact people who are poised to be part of God's redemptive plan. 

While this journey has never been about taking the easy road, it has always been and continues to be an awesome privilege - no doubt about that!  One of the greatest privileges is having a team with us, doing this together. We love the words of William Carey, who said to his ministry partners in the 1700's, "I will go down, if you hold the rope."  We are eternally grateful for all the many hands who hold our rope that we may faithfully follow the One who urges each step of faith. 

Jesus beckoned the disciples to "come and see" what he was about so we have titled our personal website, Come and See.  Please check it out!



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