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Welcome to our giving page.   Thank you for your investment in the Kingdom through our ministry.  We know there are a lot of places to give and appreciate that you invest here.

We have served with Cru since 1993.  The first 10 years was with the Campus Ministry, then we served with an adult ministry for 4 years and have been with the Jesus Film project since 2007.

The Jesus Film came out in 1979 and has been used to introduce over 220 million people to Christ.  It is currently in over 1,400 languages representing over 98% of the worlds population.  We now have 2 other evangelistic films that focus Jesus' message for women and children.  We also have 3 discipleship films that have been contextualized for specific people (Indians, Africans and women).  Through these tools, the Lord continues to build His Church throughout the earth.

Dave's role is to give Christian humanitarian organizationshas Jesus Films and equipment so that they can be better equipped to reach their people for Christ.  This involves him traveling the globe meeting heads of different ministries and end users who are reaching out to their people.  Who better to reach people with the gospel than one of their own!  They already know the language, culture and customs.  All they often lack are resources.  A Jesus Film Projector and a set of films in the local languages can spark a spiritual awakening anywhere in the world.  

Dave has introduced countless humanitarian organizations in places that the gospel hasn’t gone, to the Jesus Film and our other tools.  He loves hearing what these little known groups are doing for ‘the least of these’ in places like Myanmar, Sudan and South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru and many others. 

One ministry, operating the only medical clinic in South Sudan for over 100 miles, sees over 100 people a day.  He gave them a battery powered projector (which recharges with a solar pad), the Jesus Film, Magdalena and our new discipleship film series called Walking With Jesus – Africa.  They were so excited because now they would have a more effective way to see people come to Christ and plant churches. 

Another group called Cure International has 10 hospitals and 29 medical clinics throughout the world.  In one Muslim country, they show the Jesus Film on their closed circuit TV in Arabic and offer a free Jesus Film DVD to every woman who comes in to deliver a baby.  They have seen thousands of people come to Christ.

Last spring he was asked to contact the groups whom he has sent Jesus Films and Projectors to hear how the Lord has worked through them.  He was a little worried since many of these groups are difficult to contact and do not see the value of reporting back to us how the Lord is working.  He was amazed as he heard that over the past year, these groups showed Jesus to about 500,000 people and averaged about a 15% response rate.  So it is safe to say that at least 75,000 people began a relationship with Jesus through humble missionaries meeting their most pressing needs of clean water, sufficient food or medical care who also shared the love of Jesus through one of our films!  This is true multiplication!

On behalf of these new believers, we thank the Lord for growing His kingdom and you for your ongoing faithful and generous support. 



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