James and Jana Rourk


Dear Friends,
After 10+ years at The Citadel with Valor, and 2 years in London serving internationally,  the Lord is doing some exciting things with our family in serving the Kingdom!

We are so excited at what the Lord has in store as we transition back to cadets with Valor!  What we will be doing is really no different than what we have been doing in London - it's just that we will live state-side while traveling and collaborating all over the world taking Jesus to the cadets of the Nations. It is a beautiful marriage of the vision of Valor and Bridges as we get to be a part of launching Valor Global!

It's no surprise to many people that many of the global leaders, heads of state, and ambassadors of the world went to military schools.  Even some of our favorite influencers like C.S Lewis and Prince Harry were cadets. Then there are the thousands others that may not have a public role in the world, but go on to influence their families and communities. Wouldn't it be amazing if the influence all these people had were lead by the Spirit of the Living God?

It's certainly a slightly smaller scope of student, but one that has enormous potential to change the world. A scope that Paul took advantage of reaching when he was in Corinth. He saw the significance of reaching military people because they are  constantly going to the utter most parts. Why not take Jesus with them?

While we are not traveling with our Valor Global role, we will be serving cadets alongside the team at Texas A&M University.  This will be very similar to our movement at The Citadel and we are looking forward to sharing the gospel on campus, discipling guys and girls and opening up our home with hospitality.  Thanks for continuing to Journey with us friends! Your partnership makes all the difference!  Without your prayers and financial partnerships, we could not be on the field. 
If you, or someone you know, would like to help reach cadets of the nations, please partner with us today by starting your gift above or contact me at jimmy.rourk 'at' cru.org or Jana at jana.rourk 'at' cru.org. 

 We would love to share more with you about this exciting part of our continued Journey! 

Website: www.thejourney.world

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