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Bringing our life experiences from the business world (as an engineer and and accountant) back into ministry operations gives us insight into how to prepare and send students and faculty out as laborers for Christ.

Typically, it is during the teenage years that students are most likely to be influenced as to what they will live for, and for whom they will live. 90% of the world's leaders have attended college. If we can influence the campuses of the world for Christ, we can win the world through these future leaders.  This generation of students is waiting for a clear, compassionate and culturally relevant presentation and demonstration of the Gospel. And we love being a part of making this happen over and over again.

We're excited to be serving at Cru's Headquarters in Orlando, Florida, as part of the Operations team for Cru's ministry to teenagers, college students, and faculty members across the nation and beyond. To see more about this ministry visit the website: The Campus Ministry of Cru

While here our Family has grown to the size of 5! We have 2 little girls Maddie Mae(2011), Evie(2013), and a boy Noah (2016). 
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