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Since 1998, Transform has sought to develop communities of like-minded individuals in the arts who want their lives to have an impact for Christ. We seek to provide spaces where artists can grow from the inside out. Such spaces include summer projects in urban locations where college students can grapple with the issues confronting them in their calling to be artists. Another is in a year-long artist residency where Transform seeks to address four key areas of growth: spiritual, artistic, civic and leadership.

Spiritual growth addresses such areas as the lordship of Christ, identity in Christ, the general and specific callings of Christ and the message of Christ's Great Commission.

Artistic growth addresses the major themes of God’s value of art, excellence in art, worship as art, the legitimacy of art and discipline in arts.

Civic growth is encouraged through a personal response to the Great Commandment. Blessing ones city is the beginning of understand the deep social needs of the place where a creative lives.

Leadership growth is addressed through opportunities to serve in settings where faith steps are encouraged.

Win, build and send - our Cru distinctives - are the “why” of Transform’s existence. Transform seeks to keep these values central, ensuring they are established and consistently expressed in all of Transform’s objectives.

Transform seeks to encourage the growth of faithful communities which are comprised of individuals, groups and organizations who fully embrace the values of Transform and commit to a portion of the actual operation of Transform’s objectives.

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