Michael Mendoza


I grew up in a non-practicing Catholic home. During my junior year in high school, God started drawing me into a relationship with Himself. I slowly learned what it meant to truly follow Jesus. 

I was introduced to Cru as a high school senior, and saw God draw increasing numbers of students into a relationship with Himself.  I have witnessed God's redemptive power in many young people's lives. 

After graduating, I wanted to continue reaching students. So I joined Cru, and am now a part-time field staff as I attend college.  

I want nothing more than for the Gospel to go forth and change the hearts and minds of those who are immersed in a world full of sin and brokenness. I am honored that God has called me to serve in high school ministry in the LA area. I am reaching out to the ethnically and economically diverse population at my alma mater, Warren high school. 

Will you join me as I fight for those who have no one fighting for them?

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