Patrick and Erica Choi


Thank you for considering a partnership with us as we work to share Christ with high school students!

The Lord has clearly placed high school students on our hearts, and we have been called to bring the Gospel to a generation that desperately needs it. Specifically, we will be reaching students from Johns Creek, Lambert, Centennial, and Chattahoochee High School for Christ. We are so excited to begin our marriage as missionaries working together to fulfill the Great Commission!

In college, Patrick began to see the need that these students have for Jesus after attending Fastbreak, Cru’s winter retreat for high school students. It was at this retreat where he began to understand the struggles and difficulties that high scool students are currently facing. A lot of these kids were seemingly happy on the outside, but when Patrick truly pressed into their lives, many confessed struggles such as thoughts of suicide, drug addiction, alcoholism and much more. Erica has a passion for making the Gospel both understandable and beautiful to high school students. They are people who are searching for their purpose, and she wants them to find their everlasting worth in Christ alone. We have seen that there is a great spiritual need in the public high schools around Atlanta, and we are excited to invest our lives in such a significant way.

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