Desmin Peifer


Greetings in Christ!

Thank you for your interest in Cru and my mission in Philadelphia!  Philly is a amazing city with an incredible opportunity for ministry.  Within the 2 square miles between the campuses we currently have movements at, there are over 128,000 college students.  Within 15 miles of Center City, there are 30 different colleges and nearly 300,000 college students and faculty.  Philly also has the most students, the most international students, and some of the most influential universities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

I'm looking forward to seeing how God will continue to use me to spread the gospel and make His name known!  The fact that these college students, upon graduation, will travel to the ends of the earth within many career areas creates a unique opportunity to positively effect the world from a single location.  Through evangelism, discipleship, and events throughout the year, our goal in Philly is to win students to Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them out as lifelong partners in the gospel.  Any way you can partner with me, whether in prayer, encouragement, and/or financially is greatly appreciated as we work to make Jesus' name great, in Philadelphia and beyond.

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Thanks, and God bless!

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