Seth Gordon


Hey Everyone! Last year I participated in Watermark Community Church's discipleship trip to Tirana for the first time and it was amazing! And now I am going back to Albania this summer from July 4th– July 14th! Last year while preparing for the trip, I knew that we were going to partner with Cru Albania and a local church to run a summer camp for high schoolers and make disciples. If you know me, you probably know that I love to be a goofball and the kids really bring out that side of me. The idea of combining my passion of sharing the gospel while having fun with the kids was a selling point.

During the trip, I was able to develop a sense of community with not only those who were a part of the Watermark team but also with some of the teenagers who quickly befriended me. One of the unique aspects about this trip is that relationships are built naturally through games and intentional conversations over coffee. Quality time is one of my love languages and because of that, meetings over coffee allowed me to share with the kids my faith in Jesus and how much of an impact He has made in my life. At first, I thought that as an Evangelical Christian, I would have a hard time being heard in country where most people profess to have a Muslim faith. But God is much great than any cultural or faith barrier. Through a genuine interest in the kids' lives, I was able to make them feel loved and cared for; which in turn made them feel intrigued in hearing about my life and faith in Christ.

This time around, I was asked to join a team going to Korce. Going to a new city will bring new challenges and it excites me to have more of a need to rely on God and follow His lead. Because of Korce's proximity to Greece, we will serve a mixture people who profess a Muslim and Albanian Orthodox faith. We will be teaching English classes in the morning, while still keeping the essence of the summer camp in the afternoon.

I hope that you will share with me in this adventure that God has led me to. There are many ways that you can dot his, but the main one is through prayer. We cannot do any of this without the power of Christ going before us.

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May God be glorified through this marvelous opportunity!

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