Mariah Lorfeld


This summer I have an opportunity to participate in a leadership development project with Cru in the city of Medora, ND. For 12 weeks, I will be living in Medora with the 325 people that come there to work for the summer. We will work during the day and participating in leadership development and outreach projects in the evenings and over the weekends.

Every summer, our mission has the opportunity to influence people from the nations that gather to live and work in Medora. This summer, I will meet and work alongside people from around the world as well as those from the U.S. We pray for them, befriend them, and seek to point them to Jesus as the Way. the Truth, and the Life. We disciple those that respond to Christ. We have the opportunity to minister to them as we do life with them and pray that God will take the gospel to other places as they leave with a love for Jesus and heart for their people.

Would you consider partnering with me financially? Any gift in any amount is appreciated, as God will use any amount to further His Kingdom. More than anything I need your prayers as I seek to follow the Lord by participating in this summer mission trip. Thank you for considering joining my team to help reach people for Christ  in Medora this summer!

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