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God’s saving power released in fields “white unto harvest” … through you!

This dramatic story began a little over a year ago—at a training seminar on the island nation of Mauritius, a small country in the midst of the Indian Ocean. Two staff members went to demonstrate the use of the powerful, multi-language Jesus Film media app.

The app enables anyone with a smartphone to show films that can open up conversations about Christ, show the complete JESUS film, or segments of the film, in 1,515 different languages.[1] It’s an incredible tool.

In the words of the Mauritius country director, Bruno: “We trained some people in our churches. Staff were also trained. After that, it was just mind-blowing.

“We started using the app in the schools. They opened their doors, allowing us to show short film clips in the Moroccan Creole language. The schools here separate boys and girls. At first, seven girls gave their lives to Christ. On another day 13 came to believe and then 33!

“The principal of the school was so impressed by the changes he saw in the girls that he asked us to come speak to the boy’s department. One day, 37 boys gave their lives to Christ. One was a 17-year-old drug dealer. He was completely changed.

“Next, we were asked to show the films in all the boys and girls departments under the authority of the principal. We showed the JESUS film to the headmaster who gave his life to Christ and then asked us to share it with 25 of his colleagues. We did, and they all said yes to Jesus. All of them!

The following day: “They invited us to present the gospel to an assembly of 700 students. The same thing happened! Every one of the students gave their lives to Christ! The headmaster actually asked us to come weekly to disciple all of the school. We are there, at the school, every Thursday from 8:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

“Scarcely a year ago, the ministry had only a small presence on the island. Now, we have staff and have expanded to five nearby islands. We are dreaming of Mauritius being a sending nation, taking the gospel to surrounding islands and nations, reaching tourists who come from India and the Middle East with the good news. We are finding great power in the Jesus Film® media app. People are willing to watch a short pre-evangelism film, and then a film that tells them about the ‘Great Prophet Isa,’ Jesus. All we needed was the training and the tools. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God does the work. It truly has been mind blowing.”

I’m sure you share in my excitement for these Mauritius staff members. They now have a tool, the Jesus Film media app, to break through the spiritual barriers and let people know what Jesus has done for them.

In my letters you’ve also read about another great tool—microSD cards. These are the same memory cards commonly used in small digital cameras and smartphones. Amazingly, just one of these memory cards contains the complete JESUS film, plus other evangelistic and discipleship tools in 10 languages!

In India, staff members helped organize the “I Lead Mega Youth Conference.” They trained 1,120 students from 217 colleges in the Jesus Film media app and the use of microSD cards. A college student, Stuti, feeling empowered by the Holy Spirit, was compelled to share his faith with his younger brother.

Stuti feared that sharing the gospel would be difficult “…for my brother had so many mischievous friends. But one day I sat down with him and started to share what Jesus had done for me.” Stuti showed him one of the short films on the microSD card and talked at length of what it means to be separated from God. His brother surrendered his life to Christ.

By the end of the school year, using the microSD card and the Jesus Film app, Stuti had shared Christ with 32 friends. Nine turned to Christ and are growing in their faith!

Moreover, those microSD cards are useful in tiny video projectors, as used in the Church- Planting Resource Kit (pictured on the information sheet). God is working through these portable projector kits in wonderful ways:  

Two workers had entered a village in an extremely closed and dangerous nation. They had come to the home of the tribal, village leader. The workers offered to show him a film, in the leader’s home, about ‘one of the prophets’ using a compact, portable projection set. He agreed. As they were setting up the equipment, the chief’s son entered the room…a hostile, angry man whom I will call Farid. “What are you doing with this equipment?” demanded Farid.

They explained about JESUS, but he shot back: “In my religion, we don’t look at any film or image of a prophet.” The workers urged him, “You should at least watch. You will gain useful knowledge. We came here because your father is a great man and much respected. If you don’t want to see the real story of Isa [their name for Jesus] we’ll go to the next village.”

Farid fell quiet, paced back and forth and finally said, “OK, you can show the film.” After a moment, he actually gave the team a hand in setting up! When it was showing time, 84 adults and children had gathered to watch, including Farid…in the chief’s home.

At the end of JESUS, once-angry Farid went to the team. “It really touched me when I saw Isa caring for the people. Even when He was crucified, He still blessed them. I have decided to follow Isa.” Farid then turned to the crowd and announced his decision. Of the 84 present, 64 also became followers of Jesus! Today, Farid is a changed man and goes from village to village with the team, ministering to his people and beyond, declaring that Jesus is the Son of God.

I trust you have been encouraged by these wonderful reports of your partnership. I also write with another purpose: to again invite your gracious support. Jesus Film Project is your ministry. It’s our honor to serve with you, to help supply JESUS in 1,515 languages. Your giving makes the film, as well as short films, available on DVDs, microSD cards, projectors and through live internet streaming around the world. And it is no understatement to say we are overwhelmed with requests for these tools—because of the many opportunities that arrive to reach people for Christ.

As He leads, here are some suggested ways you may want to help:

$108 to equip workers and volunteers with 24 DVDs of JESUS and other Jesus Film media.

$150 to send 15 microSD memory cards containing JESUS, other Jesus Film media and the New Testament

$425 to stream JESUS and other films over the internet to 500 people

$1,020 — to stream JESUS to 1,200 people.

$285 to send a video tablet (like an iPad®)

$2,250 to equip workers with 500 DVDs

$1,710 to provide six video tablets

$3,810 to send one microSD card mass duplicator set

$2,285 Mini-Pack Projector Set

Pico-size projector, rechargeable batteries, and tiny, but clear speakers. These highly portable sets enable workers to reach the unreached.

And once again, careful research conducted last year by a reliable, independent firm has confirmed: for every dollar given, you can help 10 people watch JESUS. Of these, at least one person can come to Christ!

So as He enables you, please consider a gift of $150 for 15 microSD cards, or $285 for a video tablet. Perhaps you have the ability to send $2,285 for a Mini-Pack Projector Set. That’s the same projector those workers used to lead 64 people to Christ in a very dangerous nation. These kits are being requested for very closed nations, and a gulf nation that harbors Al Qaeda camps, where film team workers are going “behind enemy lines” to give them Jesus.

Finally, getting back to those workers in Mauritius, they reported something very unusual when they showed students a pre-evangelism, short film entitled “Liberty.” This short film is about people discovering how they are boxed in by life assumptions and culture. About 97 percent of the students who watched happened to be followers of an aggressive religion. The workers expected strong resistance. But after watching “Liberty” the students admitted their expressed religion was based on parental pressure, and that they actually felt trapped! What an open door to share JESUS!

That’s just one example why these memory cards and the Jesus Film app are so effective. These are powerful ways you can enter into fields that are “ripe for harvest” and declare the gospel, for His glory. I invite you to again have a vital part in the spiritual harvest. Thank you so much.

Until everyone sees Jesus,

Erick Schenkel
Executive Director
Jesus Film Project

P.S.  Months were spent working with that independent firm to measure the effects of your giving. They poured over reports from the field, budgets and talked with leadership and partners, coming to this conclusion:  Every dollar you send can help a person come to Christ. That’s the power of these tools: and more importantly, the power of the gospel, the Word of God contained in JESUS. This ministry can only respond to the many requests from partners and workers to give the world JESUS as friends like you give. So, as God enables, please send your gift by October 31, 2017. You can send your gift here via credit card by calling (800) 387-4040. To make a tax-wise stock or IRA Rollover gift, call Ben Grames or Debbie Williams at (888) 278-7233, or simply email them at: Thank you for reaching people and making a difference in the lives of many.

*Besides offering the JESUS film in 1,515 languages, the app offers short films that inspire conversations about spiritual things. These have proven very effective in inviting people to learn more about the gospel, and watch JESUS.

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