Reach Seekers in Closed Countries and Help Reap the Harvest!

#2856114 - Closed Country Evangelism

Reap the historic harvest!

One closed nation Cru® missionary just wrote, “What God is doing is beyond description!!” Another shared how they’ve been, “seeing people coming to Christ in bigger numbers than we hoped for.”

This is a historic harvest! The kind centuries of Christians prayed for, gave for and worked for.

But your help is urgently needed to fill this spiritual hunger––to continue to reach and disciple all those who are seeking answers.

You see, a serious financial challenge is threatening this ministry. We are facing an 11% shortfall on what’s needed to sustain this incredible outreach to the Middle East and North Africa. Field missionaries are already feeling the pinch and writing with urgent requests for help.

Will you consider responding with a special gift today?

Every $10 you give will help reach and disciple 50 people! 

And to address this financial shortfall, might you consider adding an extra 11% to what you would normally give? Every extra dollar reaches 5 more people, so your “above and beyond” gift today will make a tremendous difference!

Again, every $10 reaches and disciples 50 people in closed nations! Please consider how many people you can reach, and give your most generous gift today. Thank you!

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