Joining Together with Global Church Movements

#2835091 - Send Oral Bible Teams

Two like-minded ministries are partnering together for greater effectiveness.

Global Church Movements, the church planting ministry of Cru® has agreed to a partnership with StoryRunners to increase the spread of Jesus’ message!

GCM will be providing StoryRunners with cutting-edge training and strategies in church planting. Meanwhile, StoryRunners will be providing stories and training in evangelizing oral cultures.

The Bottom Line:

Not only will this increase the effectiveness of both ministries, it means the goal of planting one church for every 1,000 people will be greatly accelerated.

These churches will be deeper and better equipped to thrive and grow in their indigenous cultures. And we’ll be planting more than ever before!

Your partnership made this possible.

Your continued support of StoryRnners, particularly through these trying times of COVID-19, has allowed for this opportunity. God has truly used this time of upheaval to help us be more effective into the future.

Please help us spread God’s Word more quickly.

In order to jumpstart this new venture, $400,000 is needed in the next 15 months to facilitate the new training and develop new materials.

Your gift today will have maximum leverage, that allows us to plant more seeds in some very dark and oppressed places.

Please give as generously as you can to help us reach people who can only be reached through the art of storytelling. They are waiting to hear about Jesus.

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