This Thanksgiving ... Food and Hope for Hungry Inner-City Families!

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Jenny, a single mom with three young children, was working hard, getting by — until COVID-19. She was laid off. She couldn’t find another job. The money ran out. The children were crying from hunger.

With no options left, they found themselves on the street, the four of them, with Jenny — shame-faced — holding a handwritten sign: “Hungry — Help.”

But a caring Christian friend like you had already heard their cry. By faith, that friend gave a gift to Cru® to provide Boxes of Love®. A church in Jenny’s neighborhood began sharing them with families in need.

Jonell, one of the church’s volunteers, saw Jenny and her children on the street. The sight of them hit home: Jonell had known severe poverty as a child. She could remember her family rifling through grocery store trash bins hoping for something to eat.

Now, Jonell raced to deliver a Box of Love® to Jenny’s haggard little family. They were stunned by the gift: a Thanksgiving feast!

And as Jonell shared the Scriptures from among the Box’s contents, Jenny began to weep. Hope was restored in her heart in that moment.

Jonell invited Jenny and the kids to her home. Soon Jenny’s children and Jonell’s grandchildren were playing like old friends.

It was all like a miracle ... or, as Jenny says, “a sign from God!”

And it all started with a generous friend like you giving a Box of Love!

Our annual Box of Love outreach is more urgently important this year — our 35th year — than ever before. Not just because so many children and families are facing hunger ... but because so many desperately need hope.

  • In every Box of Love is a turkey, ham, or chicken (depending on local cultural preferences), with vegetables, potatoes, juice, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rice, fruit, dessert, and more ... PLUS:
  • A gospel presentation which has led thousands of children and adults to Christ over the years.

Another struggling family will need a new lease on life, new hope through faith in Christ this Thanksgiving. Today, you can extend the life-changing invitation.

Please be the hands and feet of Jesus, sharing the transforming love of God through the gift of food today.

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