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#2852450 - StoryRunners - Story Bible Translations to the Unreached

As this year quickly draws to a close, please stand with StoryRunners® to bring the stories of Jesus to more people who have never heard.

Together we’ll minister:

  • In forgotten refugee communities. We’ve just begun to reach the Romani Balkan refugees ... and the Uzbeks of Afghanistan, too — there are so many more. We can reach them, together.
  • Across Africa.  School of Storying workshops are taking off in Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia. More unreached people ... more storytelling ... more transformed lives!
  • To Bibleless people everywhere! 42% of the world is without printed Scriptures.  These are the ones who need us most. They need to know God loves them. If you help us bring the stories to them ... God will do the rest!

Your generous gift today will help us end 2022 strong and be ready to kick off a new year of taking the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world using oral Bible stories: building communities of faith … reaching the one who reaches another, who reaches another … until all have heard the name of Jesus!

Thank you!

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