Rapid Deployment Kits


Military readiness starts with the individual and that is the focus of Cru Military. Dedicated to helping military men and women become followers of Jesus Christ, we help members of all branches of the armed forces become spiritually fit and ready to serve anywhere.

Spiritual readiness is more essential now than ever. Thousands of men and women in uniform are in the midst of war in the Middle East, facing life and death combat situations and the threat of capture. Our soldier's boot camp training has equipped them physically and mentally...but it is essential they must be equipped spiritually as well to be able to withstand whatever comes. That is why Cru Military is working overtime to provide our U.S. troops with vital spiritual resources in the form of Rapid Deployment Kits (RDK).

Each Kit, which costs $3.25 to supply to a service member, includes a small, camouflaged New Testament, a 90-day "Our Daily Bread" devotional guide, a "Would You Like to Know God Personally" booklet, a subject-appropriate list of crucial Bible verses called "Guidance from God's Word" and more-all in a waterproof bag designed to slip into a soldier's pocket.

Funded by people all over the United States who greatly appreciate our troops' sacrifice and contribution to our nation's freedom and security, this gift from the Military Ministry is assembled in our Newport News office by members of our great team of volunteers, and (in most cases) passed on through the courtesy of military chaplains or commanders.

These materials have already had a tremendous impact on many soldiers. Consider the following reports:

"I have been an active chaplain for 14 years and I know from the bottom of my heart [that] your Rapid Deployment Kit is the best religious resource out there." Another chaplain writes,"The RDK's at Fort Bragg, NC are considered as a "Force Multiplier" and will be a part of every deployment."

Yet another Military Chaplain wrote, "Words cannot fully express just how grateful I am to all of you. These RDK's have been a blessing! So far I have handed out hundreds. The soldiers and their families love them and have spread the word about them. As soon as my supply is depleted I will order more. Once again, thank you for giving so graciously to the Lord. I praise God with great praises for the ministry you provide for our soldiers!!!"

The Senior Atlantic Fleet Chaplain shares, "Thanks for all you are doing to support us. We need many Deployment Kits. I would like to have them on each of our cruisers and destroyers."

And finally, literally from the battlefield, within the past few weeks, we received the following communication, written on a piece of cardboard:

"I am in Kuwait. I am with the marines. I am a corpsman. We are trying to cope with this "time in need" to which we are called upon. Lots of us are in need of a higher "inspiration." We all don't have Bibles. I am in an area to which Bibles aren't around to purchase. We would like some help. I have in my presence a Military Ministry Bible. Others don't. A blessing & a contribution would be much appreciated to us. Thank you."

As you see, God is using the Rapid Deployment Kits in a powerful way to touch thousands of lives with the good news of Jesus Christ.

For more information about this ministry, please contact http://www.crumilitary.org/

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