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Your gift could have an eternal impact... bringing the gospel to thousands in their heart language.

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DSSWeb image: Blank-TextYour gift can help reach an entire "people group" (people who share a common language) - 550 groups of 100,000 speakers or more are still without a "JESUS" film translation. Often, "JESUS" is the only film ever translated into a local dialect. With literacy rates low in many of these people groups, "JESUS" is the "tool of choice" for missionaries and national evangelists. You can give them the tools they need to reach people for Christ. Many partners and church leaders are eagerly awaiting the film in their mother tongue.

DSSWeb image: Blank-TextYour gift to help underwrite a portion of a new language translation, will help provide for the script writing, the video fit, the initial recording, the studio mixing and editing, and the production of the first master copy of the film. Your gift, combined with others, will help take Christ's message of hope to the hearts of thousands, in years to come.

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As a Thank You for your gift online, we would like to offer you a complimentary copy of "The Power of JESUS: 31 Days of Life-Transforming Stories and Prayer Guide." To receive your copy, request it in the Optional Comments section when you enter your gift in the shopping cart.

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Website: http://www.JESUSfilm.org

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