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“When we carried God’s Word in our hands with our Bibles, this village threw rocks at us,” Marcos, a StoryRunners trainee in Ethiopia, says. “Now we carry it in our hearts through these stories, and they welcome us and send us their children. They love the stories of God’s Word.” 

How do we equip men and women like Marcos to effectively communicate God’s Word among oral learners? StoryRunners hosts the School of Storying, a fast-track and innovative residence workshop with local people in unreached people groups. During the School of Storying, local speakers develop The Promise, a series of 40 oral Bible stories, in their own language in just four weeks. An oral Bible story is a simplified version of a biblical passage that is biblically accurate, culturally appropriate, and easily learned and retold. During the course of the workshop, the participants are equipped to use oral Bible stories for evangelism, discipleship and church planting. 

As more language groups have His Word, we step closer and closer to fulfilling the Great Commission. Our vision is to launch communities of multiplying disciples among 500 unreached people groups by using oral Bible stories by 2025.

Your strategic partnership can help people engage with God’s Word in a way that speaks to their hearts. Every gift of $33,000 enables us to host the School of Storying for one more unreached oral language group. Thank you for partnering with us to bring the message of Christ to those longing to hear! 

Listen to The Promise, a series of 40 oral Bible stories from creation to the return of Christ, here.


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