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Rapid Response: Pastors Need Bibles in Africa

All over Africa, disease, crop-destroying locust swarms and spiraling unemployment have left people looking for an anchor. 

The spiritual openness is historic.

But the supply of Bibles is completely insufficient to meet the soaring demand.

Sometimes even pastors are working empty-handed — unable to afford or find a Bible in their heart language. 

Your gift today will make a difference.

Every $6.75 you give will provide God’s Word in the recipient's heart language — whether it’s printed, on a USB drive or SD card.

Your gift of $27 will provide four Bibles. $81 will provide a dozen — enough for a small group, eager to study God’s Word. $675 will provide 100 Bibles!

God’s Word is THE KEY to church growth and faithfulness, and your help today is needed to rush 15,000 Bibles to the field. 

Thank you for prayerfully considering giving Bibles in Africa!

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