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#2839894 - "JESUS" Film Teams India

Hundreds of “JESUS” film teams in India are working faithfully to take “JESUS” to millions who still have never heard the good news. But they need partners, people like you who will pray for their ministries and support the courageous work of bringing light and truth into unreached places.

Church-planting film teams are made up of men and women committed to Christ, many of whom came to Christ when someone showed them “JESUS.” Now they show their own people “JESUS,” piercing the spiritual darkness and planting churches.

Film teams are overcoming cultural barriers in resistant countries and often traveling great distances. Your gift today can enable them to reach unsaved people with "JESUS" and make an eternal difference in the lives of men, women and children. Would you join with them and help shine the light?

The potential to increase a team’s effectiveness is why ministry partners have given a generous challenge grant. For your gift of any size to help send teams, their gift will come alongside yours and match it with an equal amount up to $10,000 received, doubling your impact. 

Each team needs about $42 per day, on average, to help provide for their travel, meals, follow-up literature, and tools needed to reach and disciple new believers. Should you have the ability, perhaps you can cover the cost of two days’ needs through a gift of $84, which turns to four days when your gift is matched. Your gift for a week of ministry through a gift of $294 will turn into two weeks with the matching grant. Maybe you can support a team for a month for $1,250? If you sense His leading and have the resources, please pray about supporting a film team for a full year through a most generous gift of $15,000. Every gift makes a difference. Thank you!

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