#GivingTuesday: Double Your Gift to Share the Gospel in Closed Countries!

#2856114 - Closed Country Evangelism

Your gift today will be doubled dollar for dollar to reach twice as many people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Men and women around the world are hungry for truth. Especially in places like the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia that are traditionally hostile, or closed to the gospel. We hear amazing stories daily from Cru® staff members serving in places where it’s dangerous to have a Bible or talk about Jesus.

People today are questioning their traditional beliefs. They are searching for answers to spiritual questions and want to know more about Christ and the hope He brings.

That was Nagah’s* story—until her life was changed forever—thanks to donors like you. 

Nagah lives in a closed country in the Middle East. For years, she had questions about Christianity but was afraid to receive any materials by email because they were too traceable. She felt the only safe way to get a Bible was to travel to a different nation, but then she found some of Cru’s closed country evangelism resources online. 

Cru missionaries explain: 

“[Nagah] used to chat with us through our website after 1 a.m. because of her fear to be seen while interacting with us … She was looking for truth … We communicated the full message of the gospel to her and answered all of her questions fully. 

The miraculous work of God with Nagah was crystal clear. Nagah kept asking more questions and we kept answering her … Finally, she prayed and accepted Christ as her personal Savior … 

Every time she hears the call for prayer … she wakes up and prays to Jesus … She has even started to share the message of Jesus [in her country].”

Nagah’s transformation happened because someone like you ensured her questions were answered. Cru’s online ministry that led Nagah and millions of others like her to Christ is entirely donor funded. 

Because of gifts from faithful Cru partners like you to support this ministry: 

  • Someone was available to talk to Nagah at any time of day. 
  • Cru staff members helped address her concerns and fears. 
  • A trained missionary taught her how to pray to the One True God.

When you give, this is the impact you have. 

God is moving in miraculous ways in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. In the past, it was a celebration when just one person declared Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Now, hundreds—even thousands—are claiming Jesus as their own.

As one person shared: 

“For the first time in my life, I know who are Christians. You are helping us to know who God is.”

This is an amazing opportunity to share Jesus with TWICE as many people. Today, on #GivingTuesday, your gift will be matched up to $50,000! 

But hurry—this chance to double your gift expires at midnight!

Thank you for your prayers and gifts. You are so important to making Christ known in the world!


*Due to the sensitive and dangerous nature of the evangelism Cru missionaries are currently doing, the photo above is a representation. Name changed and location withheld for security.

*Gifts before midnight to the Closed Country Evangelism Fund will be matched and doubled. Gifts to individual staff members will not be matched.

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