When Jesus Heals, People Follow Him!

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In a land where medical care is horribly primitive at best – or non-existent at its worst – your gifts are bringing healing to people in desperate need of Jesus.

Sharing Jesus’ Power
We can’t bring medical care to the oppressed and spiritually enslaved people we work with in remote areas.

But we can offer them something much better, the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus is breaking the bonds of spiritual oppression. He’s breaking the enemy’s grip on people living in darkness. And He’s performing miraculous healing where healthcare doesn’t exist.

More Than Just Healing
Where Jesus heals, people are turning to Him in staggering numbers.  Despite personal danger and sacrifice, they’re turning their lives over to Him, experiencing the spiritual healing that only He can give. And with those decisions comes everlasting life.

You can be a part of bringing freedom to the captives.
Your gift today helps bring Jesus’ story to more people.  His story, His power, His saving grace and His miraculous healing are bringing hundreds into His kingdom. You have the power to unleash His power in the most hidden and dark corners of the globe.

Please give as generously as you can to help us reach those who can only be reached through the art of storytelling.

Thank you for generously spreading His Word!

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