In a time of turmoil, God is spreading His story!

#2835091 - Send Oral Bible Teams

The ongoing pandemic has changed the world, yet God is using StoryRunners to bring hope to oral cultures.

As the entire world is pivoting to adapt to our new normal, God is using you in some unexpected and unprecedented ways to tell His story in areas we never expected:

The International Graduate School of Leadership in the Philippines asked us to lead a two-week conference on orality and teach students how to reach people in oral cultures.

The Global Alliance of Church Multiplication asked Mark Steinbach to co-lead a webinar on orality and its importance in reaching oral cultures.

StoryRunners trainers in West Africa made masks and distributed them in schools to fight COVID- 19 while sharing Bible stories.

When you support StoryRunners, your gift not only shares Bible stories – you are educating and influencing a wide breadth of gospel-proclaimers!


Your gift today will help StoryRunners train dozens of local people to tell Jesus’ story to their own people in their heart language.

God is on the move. Please give as generously as you can, and let's run with Him!"

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