Introduce college students to Jesus — Even in closed countries, even during the pandemic

#0676014 - gives you the opportunity to reach college students for Christ ... even when we can’t share Jesus face to face because of the pandemic — and even in supposedly “closed” countries!

We are seeing tremendous growth in the power and effectiveness of evangelism — in the 2019-2020 school year nearly 1 million people made a commitment to Christ through the site!

Together, we are connecting heart-to-heart with millions of students we can’t reach face-to-face! In 2021 we hope to see MORE ...

  • MORE students learning about Jesus for the first time.
  • MORE students giving their lives to Christ.
  • MORE students growing in faith through our online discipleship tools.
  • And in countries hostile to the gospel, MORE students reached than ever before!

Please be a part of it! How many students perhaps like your children or grandchildren can you lead to Jesus through this proven-powerful online strategy and our other outreaches? 

Please give generously today!

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