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#0898207 - Josh: Digital Strategies

Being confined is something we've all experienced this past year and a half. We were physically separated and yet virtual interactions with the outside world through our phone or computer were at an all-time high! God used this season in an INCREDIBLE way to spread the gospel!

Now more than ever before, in places where the gospel is not welcome, people are using the internet and other technologies to READ, VIEW, DOWNLOAD, LISTEN TO and INTERACT WITH Christ-centered content you help provide!

The digital tools you help provide are reaching into corners of the world that desperately need Jesus! Here's what our ministry partners are saying…

  • "We have gone from broadcasting in three cities to broadcasting in ten cities, including some that strictly follow other religions."
  • "These are countries where you can be imprisoned for having a copy of More Than a Carpenter on your bookshelf but digital is much safer!"
  • "These resources are helping in places where illiteracy is high and people still depend on radio broadcasts in their own language."

Your gift will help share the truth of Jesus with more men and women worldwide through digital tools including:

  • SD cards and USB flash drives loaded with my e-books, videos and even Bibles - all translated into multiple languages and accessible from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices.
  • Radio, social media sites and chat rooms where listeners can safely interact with Christ-centered content.
  • Mobile hotspots - free, private Wi-Fi connections accessible in coffeeshops, airports, university campuses and on public transportation, which securely link to Christ-centered websites, worship music and more.
  • Augmented reality - a cutting-edge technology that uses computer-generated visuals and audio to provide an interactive experience.

We need your help to raise $112,000 by October 15th to help reach people in areas closed to the gospel with safe and effective digital tools that deliver the true message of Jesus.

Please send a generous gift today!

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