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“The one-on-one discipleship component of the ministry, coupled with the message of the heart in the teachings of Jesus, places AIA Pro Ministry in a unique and central position within God’s plan of using sports ministry to build the Kingdom.” - Corwin Anthony, AIA Pro Ministry Director

You can play an important role in funding outreach and chaplaincy for professional athletes. Your gifts will open doors for professional athletes and their fans to get answers to questions of faith. We do not ask these athletes for any funding, unless they ask how they can be involved in giving. We want them to know we are there for one reason; not to get, but to give.

With all the pressures that professional athletes and their families face, they need to know we are there not because of who they are, but because of who they are or can be in Christ.

Our intent is to build into the lives of coaches, players and their spouses, and help them balance the pressures of professional sports by giving them a new framework for competition: honoring God by competing to the best of their ability and leaving the outcome in His hand so they can positively impact their communities, and the fans they influence.

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