Jeffrey and Nancy Beard


We left our jobs, home, family and friends in Maryland to be part of what, for us, is the most exciting and rewarding ministry we could ever imagine:  The JESUS Film Project, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International.

How God led us into missions: Going into missions with The JESUS Film Project was not an overnight decision. The process really started nearly 40 years ago. During Jeff’s senior year in college he became involved with Campus Crusade. After college he joined the Campus Crusade staff and served in their music ministry for seven years. In 1982, Jeff left staff to attend seminary for a year. Shortly after that, he met and married Nancy at a Bible church in Maryland where they were members for almost 25 years.

Nancy and Jeff first heard about the JESUS film through friends Jeff knew from his early years on staff.  As they became personally involved with the JESUS film financially, God prompted their hearts to serve as full-time missionary staff. They applied, were accepted and attended Campus Crusade New Staff Training in May 2007. In September 2008, after raising their initial support, they reported to their assignments with The JESUS Film Project.

Why the JESUS film? One of the challenges addressed by the JESUS film is that many people in the world cannot read so they cannot be reached by traditional evangelistic methods. This is especially true for least-reached people groups such as Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist in the “10/40 Window,” an area of the world encompassing North Africa and most of Asia. The JESUS film reveals Jesus to people in their own “heart language,” the language that speaks to them best. The founder of The JESUS Film Project once said, “No one should have to learn another language to find out how to spend eternity with God.” The film is now available in more than 1300 languages.

Is JESUS effective? On average, every eight seconds someone indicates a decision for Christ as a result of seeing the film. During the 1990s, of the one million newly planted churches in the world, about 75 percent of them were assisted by using the JESUS film. Another exciting facet about the JESUS film is that there are hundreds of different denominations and mission organizations using it. When we work with The JESUS Film Project we help missionary endeavors all over the world. More than 200 million people have come to Christ through the film and these partnerships.

What does Jeff do?  Technology plays a big part in missions and with The JESUS Film Project in particular. This is an excellent fit for Jeff considering his work in the secular computer industry for 25 years and his seven years of audio experience as a sound technician for Christian music groups. Jeff wears several hats within The JESUS Film Project. His main responsibility is to manage and protect the $100 million of electronic assets and file servers as part of the Information Technology Department. These assets consist of all the video and audio recordings as well as all administrative documents. Additionally, he edits and lip syncs the audio on new language translations, and has traveled overseas to do the recording of new languages.

What does Nancy do? Nancy has an exceptional heart for missions and for helping women. That is why she is excited to serve as Magdalena Coordinator for the USA and Canada. Nancy brings her God-given technical, artistic and administrative skills to the project, as well as her heart to see woman come to Christ and understand their value in His eyes. Her role is to motivate women leaders to utilize the Magdalena film within their ministry strategies.  Created by women for women, Magdalena: Through Her Eyes is the true story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.  It reveals God’s love in a new and meaningful way by focusing on Jesus’ interactions with the women of the Bible.

With Nancy’s role come opportunities to lead and make decisions concerning Magdalena.  Why is this important to her?  She wants all women to know that Jesus loves and values them, and offers them the best possible hope for their future through trusting in Him. One of her goals is to see the film and companion Bible study used in every crisis pregnancy center in the USA.

Want to join the team? As we work, we picture a strong Gospel thread of impact from our responsibilities in Orlando to people in remote areas of the world who may never have seen a film or heard of Jesus.  It’s as if our fingerprints are on the film every time someone watches it. Not only that—our ministry partners’ fingerprints are there too. What a way to impact the world for Christ!

The JESUS Film Project is an exciting ministry. That Gospel thread of impact can reach from you, through us, to the world to make an eternal impact in people’s lives. We are looking for those whom God would lead to participate with us in this great adventure.

Would you join our team and ministry to make Jesus known to all the world? Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in supporting our ministry of helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

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