Roger and Maggie Bruehl


Current Responsibilities:

Roger - Project Coordinator - Executive Vice President's Office

Maggie - Office of the President Special Projects Facilitator

"While in college, we saw God produce significant change in our lives through Campus Crusade for Christ. It made such a difference for us that we wanted to have a part in helping others understand the message and power of the gospel. Men, women and children all over the world are lost and in need of Christ. It was true when we began our ministry in 1970; it is still true today."

  • Graduates of Illinois State University, 1970; together they have raised 4 children and have 5 grandchildren

  • Campus Ministry at University of Texas, Arlington and Southern Illinois University, 1970-1972

  • Area Administrator for CCC ministries in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, 1972-1975; Associate US Administrator, 1975-1976

  • Associate CCC staff while working as Vice President of Glass Specialty System, 1977-1980

  • Associate US Director, 1980 - 2001 (included Directorship of the Military Ministry, Christian Embassy and Core Services)

  • Global Vice-President of Operations/Chief Operating Officer 2001-2010

  • Maggie has served as National Director of Mothers Who Care (1992-1994), Facilitator of City Focus NYC (1996-1998), Associate Director of City Connect (1999-2001), Director of International Human Resources (2002-2003), Associate Director of US Human Resources


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