Duane and Martha Conrad


International Representatives with Cru in Western Europe since 1976

From 1976-2019 we were  actively involved in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development among Germans in different roles: campus ministry, training of German staff, ministry behind the Iron Curtain before it fell, and leading the German national ministry as national directors. 

Over the past few years, our role has expanded to cover a wider area of Western Europe. In the fall of 2019, we moved back to the USA and are now living in Vermont but continuing to work on our European team. Through Skype calls and personal visits in the countries, we are currently training, coaching, and developing national staff in Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, and Spain. As we move towards retirement, one of our main focuses over the next two to three  years is to mentor our successors in this ministry.

We have three grown children – one in Vermont (where we have seven grandchildren!), one in Lisbon, Portugal, and one in Munich, Germany (where we have one grandchild). 

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