Berry and Francil Fiess


Jesus Film offers opportunities for everyone to share their faith in an easy and effective way. Through the film JESUS, viewers see and hear Jesus speak the words recorded in the Book of Luke. A clear explanation of how to trust Christ is given at the end of the film.

Berry and Francil joined Jesus Film in 1985 and have helped it grow from a handful of staff to more than 400 staff today. Berry managed the Field Information Services department for 30 years, providing news and information, statistical tracking, donor reporting and feedback, public relations, photography, photolibrary, and graphic design for project activities. In 2015 the FIS functions were reorganized and split up.  After considerable prayer, Berry decided to steward his gifts with the Leadership Development & Human Resources team specializing in the staff care area.  Francil stays active with JESUS Film Mission Trips administration and prayer coordination, church activities, and Bible studies.

We realize that our financial team members make it possible for us to devote our full energies to this work. And, we are building a team of people who will support this work with their prayers and finances. Together as ministry partners, we can make an eternal difference in lives throughout the world. When you hear that The JESUS Film Project has passed another milestone, think of our working behind the scenes to make it happen.

Milestones for the "JESUS" film:
40 years of serving the body of Christ
8 billion listening or viewing audience (estimated)
1800 translation versions
Viewed in every country of the world
More than 400 million indicated decisions to trust Christ



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