Steve and Bev Robinson


Bev and I are the Regional Directors of the Jesus Film Project for the Central Plains States. We have served the Lord and ministry partners for these last 25 years! Before that we worked with college students in California, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, and Hungary for 18 years!

We are now blessed to work with many individuals and churches who desire to help fulfill the Great Commission! The Great Commission was originally given to Abraham (see Genesis 12:1-4) and reiterated by Jesus 2000 years ago in Matthew 28:18-20!

Our desire is to enable every one we work with to grow a world vision and see that they can help populate the Kingdom of Heaven! Today, most of the lost live in the 10/40 window where two thirds of the world population lives. More than half of the world today has never heard of Jesus because the Gospel has never been translated in to their heart language. They are the poorest of the poor as well. Approximately 94% of all giving today by evangelicals in the US stays in the US and only 1% ever reaches those waiting to hear for the first time. 80% of all that is given to The Jesus Film Project goes directly into the 10/40 Window!

Please ask the Lord with us for a healthy, growing vision for the world embracing the 1.2 billion of India, the 1.3 billion of China, and the 1.7 billion Muslims of Africa and the Middle East locked out of hearing about Jesus for the most part because they do not have the gospel in their heart language.

Everyone deserves at least one chance to hear about Jesus!


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