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For 45 years we have served with five different ministries of Cru: Athletes in Action, CoMission, JESUS Film Project, the Pacific Islands, and now, International School Project.

ISP (International School Project) began in 1991 with an invitation from the Russian Ministry of Education to help develop christian morals and ethics in their youth. Since then, ISP has trained more then 104,000 teachers in 30 countries throughout Eastern Europe, Central and East Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

Societies consumed with drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity pay a high cost. The root of these problems lies within the heart. Teachers in nearly every community of the world can reach into t hose hearts. ISP uses a multiplication strategy focused on equipping Christian teachers to reach other teachers, their students and their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ISP staff and volunteers disciple key Christian teachers to develop teacher communities. ISP organizes teacher conferences where teachers receive instruction, curriculum, a Bible, a JESUS film, and other resources to take back to their communities. Spiritually trained teachers create the momentum to expose their communities to Jesus and His love. "The truth is, we must not begin with school children, but teachers; the cream of the nation. They are people with the calling to whom we entrust our future." -ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN

Our Need:

As our current team members grow older, many have retired, some have died, and others have become physically unable to work. In order to continue in this very important work, we need to increase the number of investors. Your investment in this ministry will greatly help spread the Gospel to the world.

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