Rich and Ruthie Wiewiora



We were married in 1979. We have 2 adult sons, Joe and Chris.

For more than 39 years we have been in full-time service with Cru (the former name of Campus Crusade for Christ in the U.S.). Together with others, we help people get to know Jesus, to love and follow Him, and we encourage them to introduce others to Christ.

Wherever we have served, we have seen God at work -- on the college campus, in the community, and in our local church.



We very much like to be involved in and lead small groups. For example, Ruthie is in a women's prayer group on Mondays, a women's Bible study on  Wednesday mornings, and a women's group on Thursdays, and she teaches a Bible study on Wednesday evenings. Rich leads a men's group on Saturdays. In addition, we are part of a group made up of 6 married couples; we get together twice a month.

Being involved in a local church is important to us, and we've done just that wherever we have lived.



Since Fall 1999, Rich has been on the team of "Worldwide Challenge" magazine, the flagship publication of Cru. Rich serves as copy editor, helping to maintain the high quality of written communications as we proclaim what God is doing in people's lives.

Our Worldwide Challenge team gets the opportunity to disciple potentially thousands of people through our magazine's pages—and many, many more through Cru's online presence. Just like mentoring someone in person, we let people see examples of God's work in other people's lives, instruct them in how to share the good news of Jesus with others, and help them grow in their life with Christ through our stories.

Contact us at rich [dot] wiewiora [at]  or  407-826-2872.

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We are involved with Walk to Emmaus in Central Florida. This movement helps develop servant leaders for the local church. Please visit

We are also involved with Residents Encounter Christ (REC) of Florida, an outreach inside the local jail. Please visit

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