Dale and Marti Fisher


Dale and Marti work with Cru's Transformational Leadership Movement (TLM), and they live in Redlands, California. They teach and train national Christian workers worldwide.

Cru has always been about reaching leaders, building them in their faith, and sending them to win and build others. Building spiritual movements through evangelism and discipleship helps fulfill the Great Commission.

TLM is a branch of Cru that helps accelerate the ongoing transformation and multiplication of leaders for the advancement of God's kingdom worldwide. Its purpose is to develop Christ-like leaders who lead multiplying spiritual movements in their country. It currently does this by training national leaders for the church who will plant self-sustaining and multiplying churches in their country and beyond. The training emphasizes character and leadership development while providing a foundation of Bible and theology. Practical ministry training and ongoing mentoring equips these leaders with the ministry skills and character needed to build movements of multiplying churches. For example TLM started with 30 first generation leaders in Ethiopia three years ago and now have 1024 people into the fourth generation. It is exciting to see spiritual multiplication take place!

To date, Dale's numerous missions have taken him to Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Mexico, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Singapore, and Cameroon.

Marti participates in a variety of ministry activities: she leads a weekly prayer group (Moms in Prayer) of moms who pray for their children; she views her neighborhood as her Jerusalem where she actively looks for ways to lift up Jesus; and she recently has been discipling two individuals who are multiplying the things they learn from Marti in the lives of others.


Marti joined Cru in 1970, and Dale in 1976. After serving for four years on college campuses in the East, Marti went to Colombia, South America, for two years as a missionary nurse and then became a "shepherd" at the LA missionary training base for nine months.

During his first 7 years with Cru, Dale provided missionary training in San Bernardino and LA to staff who were preparing to serve overseas. After graduating from seminary at the International School of Theology (ISOT) in San Bernardino, the Fishers moved to Nairobi, Kenya in 1988, where they taught at the Nairobi International School of Theology, a daughter school of ISOT that is run by Cru. Fourteen years later, they returned to Southern California, joining the ISOL faculty. Recently they have transferred to TLM.

Dale was ordained in 2004. In 2006 he received his Doctor of Ministry degree in Urban Missions.

Currently, Dale is a member of TLM's staff and travels internationally teaching and mentoring pastors and church planters.

The Fishers feel blessed to have wonderful children. 

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