Steven and Sarah Pogue


Bill Bright once said "If I could begin Campus Crusade for Christ over again, I would start by working with professors."

This 2017-2018 academic year gives us the oppportunity to continue working with Faculty Commons, the faculty ministry of Cru. 

Steve has been with Cru since 1977 and works:
--Locally with faculty at the University of North Texas, Texas Woman's University, and
--Regionally in a 17-state area from Texas to North Dakota. He coaches professors, CRU staff and volunteers in how to be effective in faculty ministry.

Sarah has been with Cru since 1976 and works:
For the Leadership Development/Human Resource Department of the National Campus Ministry. She gathers and summarizes evaluations for staffing some of the top national leadership positions, and works with a variety of people within Cru on personnel situations. She also coaches Cru student leaders at Texas Woman's University.

Before we were married, Sarah worked with Cru's high school ministry in Oklahoma City. Since we have been married, we have worked with students at North Dakota State, Moorhead State, Notre Dame, North Texas and Texas Woman's University. We have worked with faculty since 1999. 

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