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Larry (Lawrence) serves on the financial resource development team of  Jesus Film Project as an Associate Director of Development. The "JESUS" film (the Gospel of Luke on film), now in more than 2075 languages, is one of today's most widely used evangelistic tools. Viewed by more than 3 billion people in 229 countries, the film is helping to fulfill our Lord's Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20.  

Since the JESUS Film was first shown 43 years ago, an estimated 490,825,426 people have indicated a decision for Christ (and counting) through the ministry of Jesus Film Project. This equates to roughly 60 people every 60 seconds. Since 2010, 2,162,900 churches or fellowship groups have been planted.

The goal is first to provide men, women and children across the globe the good news (gospel on film) in the language the most understand; the one they learned at their mother's knee.  And, then deliver it to them in whatever form they can see and hear it and where they live.

In partnership with friends like you, and hundreds of partnering organizations, the ministry is seeking to reach every people (group), every person and every generation by 2025 [Revelation 9:7]. You can play a vital role in reaching this Great Commission objective.

Larry provides leadership to the current gifts and direct marketing programs and serves as the ministry's planned giving liaison to the corporate (Cru) foundation team. He and his team help raise funds for ministry needs which include: the dubbing of "JESUS" into new language translations (goal 2500) and related films for women and children, pre-evangelistic short films for the next generation (teens and 20-somethings), digital film projection equipment, handheld video players, tablets and smartphones, media (TV and radio) and internet broadcasting of various versions of our films, church planting and partner film teams, DVDs and SD Cards of "JESUS", follow-up tools for new believers, and church planting training.

The funds generated, when converted to field resources, empower ministry efforts to reach people for Christ worldwide.  Lives are being changed, as God uses His message of "love and forgiveness" is portrayed on film in the language people most understand--their heart language. 

Larry has served with the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, Intl., know as Cru in the U.S. since 1977. One of Larry's favorite scriptures is: "Jeremiah 33:3; "God calls us to believe Him for great things."

For additional information about Larry, his ministry and Jesus Film Project, use the link below to connect with his website.
His telephone numbers are 949-842-5763 (evening) and 949-425-7540 (daytime), and you can e-mail him at:

Thank you for helping advance the gospel through your prayers and financial support. Your partnership today is making a difference in the lives of men, women and children worldwide ; an eternal difference!


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