Phil and Ellen Nichols


The goal of the Jesus Film Project is to get the film translated and recorded into EVERY language of 50,000 speakers or more by 2025. As of August 1, 2020 our total is 1,843 languages recorded . At the same time we are recording more and more languages, we now have an even more ambitious goal - help plant 5 MILLION churches by 2025. 

Our focus is South Asia. Phil's role has moved from recording Jesus Films in South Asia to coming alongside church planting organizations helping them accelerate. Imagine with us what it would be like to have 1 church for every 1000 people. For India that would mean 1.5 MILLION churches...presently the best estimates are 300,000. PLEASE pray that God would give us Wisdom as we work with so many different organizations that God would be honored in how we are lovingly working in unity.

Thank you for giving to our ministry...and if you haven't given...thank you for considering. May you experience the immeasurable grace of God today.

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