Scott and Kristin Livermore


Kristin and I have the awesome privilege of having an eternal impact on the lives of teenagers. Your partnership with us in that means so much to us. We covet your prayers and thank God for you!  

Educators have direct access to students daily.  We shepherd and train public school teachers to represent Christ well in the classroom and share Him faithfully outside of it.  Our most recent effort in preparing educators to minister to their students has been our Local Educator Summits.  These half day events connect teachers with other believing educators for encouragement, collaboration and training.  After a Summit with New York City area educators it became even clearer that the word alone is descriptive of many educators across the country. Believers in a public school classroom want to keep their head down and care well for their students. Sometimes their motivation is fear often it is that they don't want to draw attention to themselves.  When we give them the liberating truths about what they can do in a classroom as a believer, and offer resources for them to live that out, everything changes for them. There is a sense of empowerment and hope. 
Pray for more Summit events and wisdom as we increase our recruitment and outreach to current and future educators.  

Kristin's role as an Instructional Assistant in a local public school has served to give us the inside story as to what it is like to be an educator or a student in our current culture. This is very helpful to the work Scott is doing with The Educators Initiative to help 100,000 educators serve as Christ' ambassadors in public schools around the country.  Pray that new movements will be launched and thousands of students will respond to God's call into the kingdom and to be discipled as well as disciple others. 


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