Dennis and Lisa Brockman


I bet you know someone who today will wake up longing to belong and be significant. 

On the outside, they project confidence, but on the inside, they question if the life they are living is complete. Sin separates all people from knowing and experiencing the life of peace and purpose that God designed us to live through the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Now flip this around. 

Do people know someone like you who can tell them about the good news of God's gift of life through Jesus Christ? 

That is our mission. 

To make it possible that everyone would know someone who follows Jesus. Our work is to spiritually direct others to follow Jesus and enable them to direct others also. Will you be that someone so that in every nation people will discover the abundant life in Jesus Christ? Give a gift to make followers of Christ everywhere. Make this mission your mission. 

Be a Gospel Champion. You make a difference.

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