Joel and Marjorie Haley


Marjorie is a native of the State of Washington and I come from rural Minnesota. We were both involved with the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ while we were university students.

After college I joined the staff of CCC and served as a campus staff member at California State University in Sacramento for four years teaching college students how to do evangelism and discipleship. Marjorie taught 2nd grade in Washington for five years before joining staff with CCC.

We met at CCC's world headquarters in Orlando, FL. I was serving with The JESUS Film Project as a traveling recording technician. Between 50% and 80% of the time I was in another country dubbing the JESUS film into another language. Marjorie was serving as the administrative assistant to the director of our International Ministries. We were married in 1993.

To date I have dubbed the Jesus Film into more than 200 languages, but I now travel less - about 4 trips a year. On August 1, 2006 we moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to serve with The JESUS Film Project there to make JESUS available to people groups in that area of the world in a more timely and cost effective way. In the summer of 2008 we returned to Orlando. I now serve as a Language Project Manager.  I am involved in finding script translators for our movies about Jesus as well as overseeing the process of taking a language from script translation until it is a finished movie where Jesus is now speaking in that language.  I also dub the Jesus into other languages while I train national partner teams to be able to do the same - it is the funnest part of what I do.

Jessica was born in April 1995, Zachary was born in July 1998, and Gabriel was born in December 2004 and is currently being home-schooled, so Marjorie's primary responsibilities at this time are in our home.  She also helps with our ministry to Jesus Film staff member wives and helps with child care at our large ministry events.

Your partnership with us in prayer and finances will help millions of people hear about JESUS in their own language.

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