Matt and Elizabeth Kuchers


Elizabeth "Boo" and I have been on staff with Cru for over 36 years. We have four children, Matthew (31) married to Emily and our grandsons, Zion & Luka, Pittman (29) married to Christa, Corey Hill (27) married to Hannah and Mary Kate (24).

In our time on staff we have served at the Ohio State University (7 years), directed the campus ministry at Northwestern University (4 years) in Chicago and gave leadership to the creation of the "Catalytic Campus Ministry" throughout the state of Ohio (8 years).

For the past 17 years "Boo" and I have been working with the "Athletic Arm" of Cru - Athletes in Action in Central Ohio.

Our "backyard" ministry  has been the SPIRITUALLY EMBATTLED campus of Ohio Wesleyan University. It has been one of the most exciting AND challenging ventures of which we've ever been a part. Since 1995 we have had the privilege of sharing Christ with hundreds of students and leading many to a personal faith in Him. Every year a growing number of students become "fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19) leading more of their friends, roommates and teammates to get involved. There is still strong opposition at this school to sharing Jesus Christ and His message of love, hope & eternal life, but nothing seems to thwart God's movement on this campus.

We also have a growing Coaches Ministry at OWU...a majority of the teams are represented and we are seeing these "Team Leaders" place their faith in Jesus.  As well, many of them are influencing their fellow colleagues in the athletic department toward a personal relationship with Christ - "...faithful men who will be able to teach others also." (2 Timothy 2:2)

The Ohio State University Men's Soccer Team ministry was launched in the fall of 2007. Over half the team join me for personal discipleship and Bible study each week. Many of these players are starters and all of the men continually try to reachout to the yet-to-be Christians on the team as well as the other Buckeye athletes on campus.

In addition to our ministries at OWU and OSU we are privileged to join a small team of veteran Cru / AIA staff who influence the OSU Football Buckeyes and Coaches as well as many of the athletic teams at OSU. As a Staff Team we are also helping to give rise to the Worldwide Soccer Ministry of Athletes in Action.

We have recently launched a growing & successful ministry to CEO's, Entreprenurs and Influential Marketplace Leaders ~ The "Athletes of the Marketplace" ~ called "MI3" (Men of Influence Influencing Influencers). They are BEING TRANSFORMED TO TRANSFORM their lives, marriages, families, workplace and respective communities.  So, in addition to the growing impact that we have on the universities, we are also WINNING, BUILDING & SENDING these marketplace leaders!

Boo and I are committed to reaching "INFUENCERS" on the campus in the community and in the market place to most effectively help fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

We are excited to continue to reach Central Ohio, the state, nation and the world for the glory of Jesus Christ! Thank you to those who have invested in us all these years and to many who are considering joining us for many years to come!

Gratefully through His grace, power and love,
Matt & Boo

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