Liz Kealy


Serving Christ in New York with the Campus Ministry

New York state has 418 colleges and universities  like Cornell, Columbia, Fashion Institute of Technology, City University of New York in Queens, Syracuse, Buffalo State, and Ithaca College just to name a few. I am excited to be part of bringing Christ to one of the most unchurched states of our country through my work with the Cru. Would you join me in helping put the gospel within arms reach of every student and faculty in New York?

The Vision:
We have a strong emphasis on living in dependence upon God, for apart from Him we can do nothing. 

We want to help lead people to Jesus and build Christ-centered multiplying disciples on every campus so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. 

We are working to take the gospel to each student and faculty on every campus. 

II Samuel 5:17-25 God is a God of breakthroughs.
Luke 18:27 What is impossible from a human perspective is possible with God.

My Role: 
I serve as the Missions Director for New York. I work to train, develop and coach team leaders as well as develop partnerships with other ministries and the local church to ensure a gospel presence on every campus in New York. 

About me: 

I joined Cru in 1984 and first served on Long Island at SUNY Stony Brook on Long Island. Since then I have served in a variety of places throughout New York and New England and on many summer missions in the US and overseas. In 2017 I became the New England Mission Director and in 2023 I was able to be replaced in New England and I became the New York Mission Director. I reside in Clinton, MA. 

I've had two primary goals in life: to live as a woman after God's own heart and to help others know God. Of course, I also love to laugh, play, read, take walks ....  


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